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Foreclosure proceedings after chapter 7 discharge

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Foreclosure proceedings after chapter 7 discharge

I filed for chapter 7 November 9, already been through the creditor meeting. Everything seems to be going just fine. 

I surrendered my home and vehicle in the bankruptcy. Mine was due to sba loan, so their 2nd lien on my home guaranteed I would have to give it up. 

My questuons are regarding timing of the foreclosure process. Assuming my discharge is Feb 9.  How soon after will the house, generally, go to the Sherrifs sale? I know usually there is like 120 days of the lender to work out with the borrower, but does that happen in a bankruptcy 7 proceeding when I surrendered it? 

I'm just curious what the likelihood of the foreclosure happening asap. And the Sherrifs sale being in like mid March? 

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