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Four Years Post Ch13 discharge

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Four Years Post Ch13 discharge

I just want to say hang in there!  I'm about 4 years post BK13 discharge.  

The rebuilding process didn't take as much time as I thought and I was able to close on a house less than 24 months from discharge.

As I currently type this I'm in the 800's across the board, a home owner for 2.5 years, have multiple cards with over 10k limits (no high amounts on them), have bought a few new cars (lifestyle changes), and actually just was able to get an unsecured loan in minutes with a VERY low APR.  Life will get better just hang in there!  Chapter 13 has definitely matured me as a borrower and I will be in a better spot in the future if the market hits a down turn.  



Discharged Chapter 13 late 5/15. Starting my rebuild:
7/28/15 Fico 8: EQ 567-Trans 534-Ex 542-----8/28/15 Fico 8: EQ 632-Trans 622-EX 625
9/25/15 Fico 8 EQ 663-Trans 634-EX 645-----12/9/15 Fico 8: EQ 673-Trans 654-EX 663
2/17/16 Fico 8: EQ 670-Trans 658-EX 676-----3/4/16 Fico 8: EQ 686-Trans 667-EX 686
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Re: Four Years Post Ch13 discharge

I got discharged as of yesterday! Looking forward to the rebuilding journey!
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Re: Four Years Post Ch13 discharge

Encouraging, Thank you

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Re: Four Years Post Ch13 discharge

Congrats OP!! Always good to hear.
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Re: Four Years Post Ch13 discharge

Yes, there is most definitely life after BK..Congrats OP!

Scores held down by umpteen INQ & New accounts
~~~BK7 d/c-08/ rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you.~~
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