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GM Financial and Community State (CA)/Co-Signer Question

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GM Financial and Community State (CA)/Co-Signer Question

Hello All, 


My husband and I filed BK7 on 9/17/18 and it was scheduled to discharge 12/24/2018 (it hasnt yet). We signed a Affirmation with our Attorney on 11/20/2018 and they told us they mailed it but we called GM Financial today 12/27/2018 and they havent received it and now its too late since its past the scheduled discharge date per GM. The Truck we have with GM has a co-signer which is a person we know and GM is saying that due to us being in California and California being a "Community State" that if we give back the truck (Since we dont want to make payments on something that is not showing on our credit) they will action off the truck and due to the law they cant come after us nor the co-signer. I spoke to another Rep at GM to see if they told us the same thing and she did but she went into better detail - said that since California allows Demostic Partnership that GM cant tell who is the Spouse or "Co-signer" that they remove both off the contract and no one is liable for the remainder payments/loan. Has anyone heard of this or are they blowing smoke? Thanks in advance.

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