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Going to the Garden...But I Don't Want To

New Member

Going to the Garden...But I Don't Want To

Hello all, 


Let me just say that I have reading these forum for close to a year each and everyday and have gained so much knowledge about credit. I filed Chapter 7 and was discharged in June 2017. Since that time, I have been able to obtain several credit cards, I'll list them below and finance a car. My credit score upon discharge was 514 and today it is 622. My utilization is at 2% and on one hand I feel I have a great recovery efforts, but on the other hand I am so depressed! I attempted to several different credit cards with Navy Federal and was declined...too many inquiries. After receiving my credit steps with Capital One, and after 6 months, I applied for QuickSilver One - declined...too many inquiries. For the time being, I would love to have a QuickSilver One, but I REALLY want NFCU. I suppose common sense is telling me to just go and stay in the garden. But it's soooo depressing plus I don't know how long I need to stay in the garden. Please give me your thoughts...and thanks in advance Smiley Happy


Credit Accomplishments So Far...

Financed a car

Capital One $300 increased to $500

Fire Stone $800

Credit One $400 increased to $550

Discover Secured $200

First Premier $700

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