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Good News!!!

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Good News!!!

Hi everyone.....
Just an update...
BK d/c 2/2008...
Fico scores 2/2008 were TU 518/ EXP 507/ EQU 514.
Have been paying ontime and just decreased util to 30%
Bit the bullet and ordered scores today...
Fico TU 548/ EXP 623/ EQU 559!!!!
Still POOR, but getting there.... WHOOOO!!!!!
This is before decrease in util is posted !!!!!!!
Will check again next month!!!!!!

Starting Score: 800
Current Score: 800
Goal Score: 850

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Re: Good News!!!

I filed bk in 10/2007 and just got it discharged last month. Single mom of 2 - I did not want to file but had no choice. Boy am I glad I did!!!   I have 1 credit card that I use for emergency purposes only and to also build a good credit history. If I NEED to use my cc I make sure I PAY IT OFF IN FULL when the bill comes in. My fico score went from 510 to 639 in 2 months!!!  I am in a BETTER place now for myself and my kids. I have NO STRESS and I now have money in my savings account, afford to pay my rent, and food on the table.  For my situation - alot of people told me never ever to claim bk - but I will say again.....Boy am I glad I did!!!!  
Good Luck to all of you!!!  Smiley Happy
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