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Good day!

New Contributor

Good day!

Just got an email from tu...dispute is finished ..2 collections and judgement deleted! So happy that's gone! Now just got to wait for a year n half and majority of my baddies will fall off ! Guess time to do a few ee in a few months!

No judgements or collections on all 3 reports!! So happy!

Got school loans lates and mess I created that's going hang around for awhile but they on their way good bye. Rest of my baddies will be gone year to year and a half!!!

Now my plans for the mean time

Wait for cc to report 0 besides the one I use daily and pay off soon as it posts..

Wait for score jump

Apply for discovery Amex and a cu?

Break out the hoe and shovel and garden!

Pay down my loans

Might give LL 1-2 month try ?
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Re: Good day!

Congrats on your removals. One step closer to a squeaky clean record. My question is what exactly are you asking us...when you should apply for a credit card? If so, majority of the board will want to know your actual FICOs and spend habits before they make a recommendation. Either way, good luck on your credit journey! 

7/3/17 FICO 8 Ex: 681 Tu: 672 Eq: 687...BK7 Discharge: 8/2015
Cap One Quicksilver-$18,250| Cap One Venture-$10,000| Barclay Arrival-$6,500| Discover it Student-$6,000| Discover it Miles-$7,000| BoA Cash Rewards-$500| Garden since: 6/1/17
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Re: Good day!

Really not asking anything ...just was happy and wanted to share and I guess I should've said thanks to you guys for encouraging me and giving me the motivation and knowledge to start fixing my mess so thanks
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