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Had my meeting with creditors

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Had my meeting with creditors

Now what? Does the 60 days start now?

Also, my employer gives us a gun loan and I told my lawyer about it. He told me not to list it because it comes straight out of my check. The trustee asked about it and I explained that my position requires me to carry and how the gun loan works. Will every thing be okay? I'm a little nervous that they will make me pay an additional $600(amount of loan) to them.

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Re: Had my meeting with creditors

Are you familiar with PACER? It should give you a discharge date.

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Re: Had my meeting with creditors

If its job required. I dont see a problem. Doesnt matter if its a gun, uniforms, shoes, tools, equipment or anything else. All the same. Like the poster above said. Check PACER. I made copies of all the papers that had anything to do with my BK and placed them in a binder for safe keep.

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