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Help... Being attacked by Bank!!!!

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Help... Being attacked by Bank!!!!

I am post bankruptcy on 2/2008. I found an error on my auto loan payment (which i had reaffirmed.) They reported my payment 30 days late, which it wasnt. I disputed this through all three bureaus, and they sent the bank my request which caused the bank to do a search and came up with 4 LATE PAYS from 2007 & 2006!!!! They had reported these on time but now have changed them to 30 days late. ( These were only 1 day late) Will this hurt my credit score seeing as they were before my discharge? I am desperately trying to rebuild my credit. I have 3 unsecured credit cards, all recieved during bankruptcy, a walmart card from before bankruptcy, the auto loan and i just received a target card last week for $200....I have a checking and savings account also. Anticipating your reply.

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Re: Help... Being attacked by Bank!!!!

perhaps you could goodwill the company and see if they would remove the lates since you are paying on time and reaffirmed the debt with them.  Goodwill example letters can be found in the search.
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