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Help!! Collection Acc initiated AFTER BK-7 filing


Re: Help!! Collection Acc initiated AFTER BK-7 filing GRANT & WEBER

Thanks Kittendale. My letters went out but I've not heard anything back yet (almost 3 weeks later.). I'm ready to roll out the big legal gun in case they don't delete. I'm a paralegal and have drafted numerous federal lawsuits for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and I already drafted this one in case it's needed. Thank you kindly for your encouragement.

In the meantime I'm deposited additional funds to my secured Cap One so I have a greater CL and lower UT. I'm very excited on my GARDENING project and journey towards a better credit score

Starting Score: 515 (11/2012)
Current Score: 575 (04/2013)
Goal Score: 750

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BK-7 discharged 11/2012 | last App 3/19/13 | App free until 1/1/2014 |
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