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Honda Financial car loan not reporting after reaffirmation

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Honda Financial car loan not reporting after reaffirmation



I filled Chapter 7 in 2020 and had it discharged near the end of the year. I chose to keep my car because I purchased it when I had pretty great credit and qualified for a .9% rate. After I filled and signed the reaffirmation agreement, the account totally disappeared. I've remained current and have about a year left on the loan. I've never missed a payment on the loan itself and my three scores are hovering around 670-700. Is there any successful way of getting this account added back to my credit reports? I've reached out to Honda and all they can do is provide me with a payment history.


I have also run into a unique issue where I burned Apple during my bankruptcy, the account was closed but still appears open on all of my reports. When I dispute this, nothing changes. The account shows a zero balance, no lates, etc. When I try to reapply for the Apple Card it says that I still have the card, even though it was included in the bankruptcy. 



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Re: Honda Financial car loan not reporting after reaffirmation

Strange. Reaffirmed auto's wont report payment history from filing date until discharge. Once DC'ed they start to report again afterwards. But they dont dissapear. Least I've never heard that one. Have you tried filing a dispute? If that doesnt work you can contact your lawyer. The closed Apple card is helping you. It may be closed but all the stats for your file with FICO still apply. It isnt hurting anything just sitting there.

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Re: Honda Financial car loan not reporting after reaffirmation

@Anonymous I had a very similar experience with Wells Fargo. 

The account completely dissappear from all my reports months after my discharge even thou loan was reaffirmed.

I called Wells Fargo about it and they said reporting had been supressed during my BK and that they will request supression to be removed and to expected a letter in the mail with the resolution but all I received was a letter stating that account had been removed from the bureaus due to the bankruptcy. 

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