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House loan listed as part of bankruptcy that was a clean sale

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House loan listed as part of bankruptcy that was a clean sale

Hello-I sold my home in 2008 and it was a straight sale-no deficit.  I have a paid in full letter from the county clerk and the lender.  I filed for bankruptcy in early 2009 (was primarily because of a car ex surrendered that was in my name that  I filed) and since that time, the house sale is being listed as charged off in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. 

I have disputed this so many times and it is confusing because the loan is listed under different lenders through different agencies, Fremont Investment (original loan), Wells Fargo, and AMericas Servicing Company (ASC).  Depending on the reporting agency, this changes.  I have diputed directly through the credit agencies, I have called ASC and they said all of my paperwork is archived so I sent in these disputes.  I hired a company, Ovation Credit, to do this for me; supplied them with all of the supporting documentation, etc (they did nothing for several months except charge me fees!)....this still wil not be removed and disputes come back saying "lender reports inforamtion accurate"....I have no idea what to do as this have been actively trying to resolve for 3 years.  I spoke with the attorney who represented the sale of my home and they assured me that the right lender was paid upon the closing......I have reviewed all of my bankruptcy paperwork to make sure it was not listed accidentally, there is no mention.  My bankruptcy attorney is useless and unattainable.....


BUT., can they report it as part of a bankruptcy if there was no short sale or no foreclosure!  There was NO balance to include in the bankrupcty so how do I fix this?!?!?! 


Confused and frustrated.



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