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How does it affect your job prospects?

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How does it affect your job prospects?

  My company is about to go out of business, which will force me into a Ch 7 at age 67.  Really not anything I ever thought would happen, but it's reality.   Anyway, it'll be hard enough for me to find something because of age, but should I expect this to be another negative?

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Re: How does it affect your job prospects?

Unless you go into a high clearance job in government or a finance job I don't think it would truly make a difference for you. When hiring myself or companies I worked for didn't care just had to clear background checks

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Re: How does it affect your job prospects?

I have a clearance and surprisingly cleared adjudication a year and a half after filing chapter 13 (i was laid off as well). bankruptcy actually mitigates "risk"... financial jobs might have a bigger issue. usually context means everything during a BI, and you are given the chance to explain. 

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Re: How does it affect your job prospects?

So I'll share my personal experience from a financial career standpoint. I work in the financial industry in a heavily regulated role by FINRA & SEC. A DISCHARGED bankruptcy WILL NOT be an issue in obtaining or securing a job however be prepared to be uncomfortable cos the initial process is very intrusive and comprehensive. You'll be required to disclose the BK filing which will become public knowledge. If the BK is still open or pending, it might be somewhat different or tricky but personally I had no problem getting a job with my fresh BK. Hardest part is the disclosures and not knowing what the interested parties are really thinking or judging you.

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