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How to get EX to refresh file after BK?

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How to get EX to refresh file after BK?

During my ch13, EX was the only one to completely stop updating my report and stopped reporting, which was fine. But now nearly a year after discharge, they still have not refreshed my file. My score is 700+, both TX and EQ continuously update with my new accounts, but EX shows nothing and the score is stuck around 600. Several things I'd like to apply for seem to pull EX. I called EX today and the rep told me to ask each individual company to report to them, but I know they already do, for instance Cap1. Ironically, EX shows all of the inquiries but doesn't show when the account becomes active.

Has anyone had this problem and been able to resolve?

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Re: How to get EX to refresh file after BK?

Pull your Send in a copy of your report and your DC papers certified mail with return reciept.

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