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How to improve credit score with two CC?

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How to improve credit score with two CC?

Hi Everyone. Its been awhile

since I have asked a question. I m 9 month post discharge. I have creditone bank with $400 CL and today I got approved with Mission Lane for $300 CL. I m also an AU on capital one card. How can I best maximize to boost up my scores?  Current scores are 604, 563 and 611 for equifax, transunio and experian. Burned Capital one, discover and apple card. Thanks in advance. 

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Re: How to improve credit score with two CC?

Sign up for a self loan so you have an installment loan on all 3 reports.

Opensky has secured Visa with no hard pull.

Pay your credit cards to zero before you are charged an interst charge and then charge like $5 and let that report so it looks like yiou are using the card and being responsible.

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