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I THINK I'm back in with Comenity after 5 mos. BK7 Discharge?

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I THINK I'm back in with Comenity after 5 mos. BK7 Discharge?

This is for DP reference:

I think Comenity has let me back in after 5 months? I say "I think" because I didn't apply for any of the cards:


I had ALL of of the SCT cards that were popular in 2014. Sadly they were all BK7 and discharged in April 2019. I STILL shop at those stores for work clothes, and to my surprise yesterday the SCT popped-up for Ann Taylor!  I KNOW THESE ARE HARD PULLS NOW and I DIDN'T FOLLOW THROUGH, but out of curiosity I tried other Comenity-backed stores and I got the pop-ups for Express, Overstock, VS, and The Loft. The stores that didn't pop-up were NY&Co., Venus, and Ulta.

So for those of you wondering when you can get back-in with Comenity, for me 'I think' it is 5 months.


EX -- 628

EQ -- 659

TU -- 632

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Re: I THINK I'm back in with Comenity after 5 mos. BK7 Discharge?

Oh you were all over it, bouncing from one to the other.   That's what I do, lol!!!!! Smiley LOLSmiley Very Happy   I like doing the pop-up game too- sometimes you win, sometimes you don't..... but I do look at it like a feeler guage, so maybe so.  Maybe you are in, but.....Smiley Surprised

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