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I'm breaking out of jail!!

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I'm breaking out of jail!!

Received my discharge today after 3 years of hard time!!  Smiley Very Happy  WOOHOO!! I don't even know how to feel right now.  A tremendous weight has been lifted & I'm so nervous about starting over again.  I've learned so much from this forum so I'm sure I'll do just fine.  I REFUSE to go back!!.  BK 13 is the worst!!

NFCU Cash Rewards $16,100/FNBO Platinum $9.100/Best Buy Citibank $2,500/Care Credit $7,600/TJ Maxx $1000/Neiman Marcus $7000/Saks5thAve $2500

Starting Score: 426 Ch. 13 BK Filed Sep 2009; Discharged Jan 2013 Smiley Happy
Current Score: TU 706 EQ FICO 701 EX 704
Goal Score: 720

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Re: I'm breaking out of jail!!

Now the clean up process begins.  I hope you have better luck than me.  I think some OC's get upset when you actually complete the CH 13 process.  I feel mine were planning on banking on me not discharging.  I have dealt with some pretty rude people these past 3 weeks.

Starting Score: EQ: 605 (10/21/2012) Trans/Walmart: 641(10/26/2012)
Current Score: EQ: 678 (4/9/13) Trans/Walmart: 693 (5/13/13) EX: 648 (4/10/13) Lender pull

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