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I need some help.....


I need some help.....

so ch 7 dc in April 2014. Since then have three credit cards Cap1 $500, Cap1 Plat $2000 and Barclaycard $1400 

All are currently showing less than 10% utilization but have three different statement dates.

I just got a used car loan at 8.9%  

student loans just consilidated and up to date.


So I have read the 700 in 24 months but i guess Im missing something because I have dropped to FICO of 600's down from a high three months ago of 650 across the three CRA's


I would like to have someone explain to me like I'm a three year old of how to maximize my current situation.


1)  I have three cards should two reflect 0$ on statements and 1 report less than 10% of my total credit line on its statement; then I alternate each card so that only one card reports each month as having a balance while the other two are zero. I just paid off one card and my score dropped?? so im really lost!


2) Will it have any impact to pay more than my required car loan payment each month?


3) HSBC have continued to update my 2008 collection accounts with the CRA's so I now have three negs reported as collection account/sold rather than IIB but i have tried three times to change them and cannot get them changed because according to the CRA they sold the account and are being reported correctly...HSBC wont respond to my certified letters?


I'm at the end of my tether I'm trying but obviously doing something very wrong so I know soemone can help me through thisSmiley Happy have a great day





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Re: I need some help.....

You got a car loan that's why your score dropped. Don't worry it will get back up after bout 2 months. Usually when you get a loan your score drops but goes back up...
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Re: I need some help.....

It sounds like you are disputing the HSCB by contacting the bank? If so, submit your dispute directly to the credit reporting bureau. You are entitled to have the report corrected to show that the account was discharged in bankruptcy. As far as your credit score, be patient. It is less than 1 year since your bk, you already have some very decent new credit, so just give it  time. 

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Re: I need some help.....

i wish that were.true. i have three hsbc credit card accounts being verified by the cra as correct which are reporting collection post incl in my bk. the dofd for all three is aug 2008!! the cra says hsbc is verifying and hsbc tells me they are correct because they sold my accounts aug 2008 to a jdb midland who are removed from report. each time i dispute cra verifies correct info reported. in fact cra have reaged my dofd to may 2009
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Re: I need some help.....

If you are looking to maximize your FICO score you need to have ONE card report at under 10% util and ALL other cards report $0  Other than that wait for your new auto loan to hit the 6 month mark and you should start to rebound from the new trade line and the inquiry aging.

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