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I've been waiting since the end of March for them to discharge bankruptcy

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I've been waiting since the end of March for them to discharge bankruptcy

I'm new here and would like to say hello to all.  I hope you all can give me some input on what I need to do or what someone needs to do.


Here goes...


Filed  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and I have completed my entire payment plan, in fact, it has been completed since April 4th 2012.  I took the financial class and forwarded it to my attorney and it was filed in the dockets.  NOthing ELSE has been done and that has been four months.  During this time, they are taking over $1000.00 a month via wage garnishment to the trustee.  I have spoken with my attorney many times this week and he just tells me that the trustee is "holding onto around 5 grand and that would eventually be refunded to us but he has no clue when.  I worked with attorneys in the past and I do believe he could file a motion 21 which would give them 21 days to finalize the entire case and dismiss it.  But he knows nothing about that????  He stated to me that the trustee sent him an email and said she was auditing the account the month of July.....what does that mean and how long will that take?  I truly can't believe they are contining to get this money out of my check for 4 months.....when its not owed to anyone.  My family is struggling right now because my wife is laid off and the extra $1000 a week would help us not get into this same type of situation again...I can't win for losing...but I played right!  Did everything I was supposed to on my part but now I feel it's being pushed up under someone's desk and I need the title to my cars because they are both slowly breaking and such....sighhhhhhhhhhh



Anyone had this happen?  Any advice?  I am in Georgia.  Thanks alot


Any hel

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Re: I've been waiting since the end of March for them to discharge bankruptcy

Hi Tracy, Was wondering if you've had any resolution to this? I am getting ready to make my final payment, only I have been paying with personal checks instead of payroll deductions. (I got a new job at the end of May and didnt want to have to mess with them for only 3 months of payments.) My attorney's paralegal said that I have to keep making regular payments until I get my discharge letter. Unfortunately I took a 10K paycut with the new job, so I can't really afford another 4 months of payments if it takes them that long. You would think they could get around to it quicker than that. I hope yours has been resolved already! Good luck!
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