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IRS and Chapter 13

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IRS and Chapter 13

Long story short - my DH and I are in Chapter 13.  We filed in 12/2008. He lost a senior level job and then started a business that failed within a year taking down years of retirement savings while accumulating a tremendous amount of debt.  I had left the workforce to raise our children.  I am back to work now and am a relatively high earner of more than $200K the last two years.  We pay a significant amount to our Chapter 13 monthly due to my income of $2100.  For the last two years, I have also had IRS bills in excess of $10K a year - while in Chapter 13.  My DH, who has always handled our money, has told me repeatedly that the IRS has agreed to a "stay" on bills for the last two years and we don't have to pay it while in Chapter 13.  Does anyone know if that sounds correct?  And, is there anything the IRS can do to derail the discharge that is due in April of 2014? 

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Re: IRS and Chapter 13

No, that absolutly is not correct.

Contact your BK attorney for confirmation but you must remain current on your IRS payments while you are in a CH 13.

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