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In a Pickle - Chapter 13


In a Pickle - Chapter 13

I have found myself at a place on this financial journey that I have to file BK-13.  Debts(Mortgage, (2) vehicles, taxes,personal loan, and credit cards) are getting the best of me. Mortgage is current with about $30k in equity. Most credit cards are current. 1 of the 2 vehicles is less than 30 days late. The personal loan is with The Lending Club(Don't ever use these people)


Can someone answer regarding my vehicles whether I can keep both vehicles?

Vehicle #1 2013 BMW X3 purchased 2/2016 $30k used to commute to work. Payments are current.

Vehicle #2 2008 Range Rover purchased in 2011 refinanced in 10/2014 used for hauling equipment for my business(musicain/entertainer/bandleader/sound gear)


Will I be able to use the cram down to keep vehicle #2 as well as remain current on vehicle #1?


Will gladly provide more information if the questions are not clear.


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Re: In a Pickle - Chapter 13

When I did my chapter 13 I was allowed to keep my car. I didn't include it in the bankruptcy and all the payments we current. 

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Re: In a Pickle - Chapter 13


Thanks for your response. As I'm doing my research, I'm hoping that I will be able to keep both vehicles and take advantage of the loan cram-down for vehicle #2. I use this vehicle exclusively for my business.

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