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In a bad way!


In a bad way!

I filed BK in Oct 2008, Ch 13. Haven't cared about credit in past Smiley Sad BK will dc in Oct this year. Already have several small collections post filing and have no positive credit. I am sending out PFD letters on the collections today and my parents have agreed to AU me on 3 of there cc which have 10k SL and have 20 years history, they utilize perfectly and PIF . My current Fico is 535 but was told that I cannot obtain new credit until BK is dc. Other than the PFD letters am I stuck until Oct. And how much can I expect to gain from the AU accounts?
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Re: In a bad way!

I think credit cards are different. I was approved for a Orchard Bank card in 2009 and my Ch 13 bankruptcy wasn't discharged until Jan 2011. I was also able to get a auto loan in 2008 with Trustee approval. My Ch 13 was filed in 2005 and was deleted from my credit reports Oct 2012.

I think getting added as an AU on those cards will greatly improve your score.
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