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Is This IIB Account Reporting Correctly?

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Is This IIB Account Reporting Correctly?

Was looking at Experian and noticed this old Kohls account is showing all the lates. I filed 8/2019 and was discharged 11/2019. This account originally went deliquent/charged off in the summer of 2016. 


Shouldn't they not be reporting all the months history when the account is IIB? Experian is saying I have a recent late payment but I don't have any lates since my rebuild. Not sure if it is because of this. Not sure if I should be disputing this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!






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Re: Is This IIB Account Reporting Correctly?

bankruptcy only stops further delinquent to be reported from file date and makes the debt non-pursuable. It doesn’t stop creditors from reporting the account correctly upto filing.
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