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Is this legal??

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Is this legal??

I have a question about Capital One. Let me give you some background first so you can tell me what I should do.
In April 2001 my BK was discharged. Included in the BK was 2 Capital One accounts. In Dec 2003, I opened another Capital One card. Unfortunately I moved out of the country in 2004 and my DH swore he would make sure payments were sent to all our accounts in the states. Not 1 payment was sent. I couldn't legally work in Canada so I couldn't send any payments down. Needless to say when I moved back to Washinton State in 2006, I had a mess to clean up. Looking at all 3 of my CR, Capital One seems to be the only one that is reporting what appears to be incorrect information on my files.
TU is reporting that my card that was opened in 2003 was closed in 2005, but updated 11/2007. Account is CO with $0 balance. They have failed to respond to any of the DVs I have sent them.
EX is reporting that the card I opened in 2003 was closed July 2004, but the DOFD was May 2005 and the account was updated in 11/2007. On both the accounts that were included in BK, they are showing that the DOFD was 1/2007 and updated in June and October of 2007?? How can that be? BK was in 2001??
EQ is reporting the card that was opened in 2003 was 120 days as of 12/2004. Then they say it was charged off as of Aug 2007, July 2007, May 2007, Nov 2006 to April 2007, Feb 2006 to Sep 2006, May 2005 to Dec 2005. Date of status was 11/2007 and reported 11/2007. Statement says it was purchased by another lender.
Every time I get an alert from TC, it says that a new account was posted to my report from Capital One. When I look at the reasons for my FAKO scores from TC I am told that a recent late pay was reported. I do not have anything that is late on my report other than these 3 Capital One entries. Can they legally do this? Am I seeing things, or are they screwing my credit?? What do I do now?
Thank you in advance for all your advise! I have been lurking around here reading so many helpful things! I have raised my scores already due to advise I have seen here!
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Re: Is this legal??

I might call Cap1 directly and see what they say you owe them.
Then dispute dispute dispute on all 3 reports that 2 accounts are bk discharge and the 3rd you left the country and didn't know or something and see what comes back, it's either going to be deleted or updated, then your back to calling cap1 again and trying to settle for a new updated paid as agreed on your credit.
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