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It's Been Over a Year

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EXCELLENT ! ! ! ! ~ It's Been Over a Year

Hi Bella,


GREAT graph.  It clearly illustrates what self-discipline and maintaining to a pre-established plan looks like.


Keep doing exactly what you are doing as it is working well for you ! ! ! !


Best Wishes


@Bella007 wrote:

@Sauternes wrote:

Wow you keep really good records!  


Yeah I'd be curious to know all of that but even just a general sense of your utilization would be satisfying--I'm guessing you maintained attractive levels for all those approvals!  

 * this graph below is simply a Masterpiece.   a Picasso of utilization discipline.


Credit One12%2%6%0%3%0%0% Closed
Capital One  9%7%0%7%8%6%
Discover   8%18%18%11%0%
Victoria's Secret   9%0%0%6%0%
NFL Extra Points   8%7%8%8%0%
Total UTIL12%2%9%7%5%8%7%?


I spend way too much time on my spreadsheet, lol! Smiley Happy


I figure just giving the percentages is a good place to start. As you can tell, I haven't been perfectly below 10% UTIL with Discover and they gave me my first $500 CLI 31 days ago. I am about to hit them up again, but the payment to bring it down to 0% is pending. Probably be able to give it a try tomorrow. My new jetBlue card will post its first balance next week, and I'll probably let it post 10-15% this first time around. Been toying with the idea of moving the NFL limit over to the jetBlue, though.



05/03/16 Fico 8 Scores: EQ 546, TU 501, EX 548
09/01/16 Fico 8 Scores: EQ 662, TU 628, EX 657
10/04/16 Fico 8 Scores: EQ 692, TU 665, EX 686
01/15/17 Fico 8 Scores: EQ 706, TU 670, EX 687 * all Yellow / Good
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Re: It's Been Over a Year

Fantastic utilization!  Thanks for sharing.  


I had a similar experience with Discover--they approved me for $2500 SL and then after two months bumped me up to $3000 without even asking.  

BK7 discharged September 2015
Capital One Venture $20k, Quiksilver $2000, Discover IT $7900, PenFed Power Cash Rewards $2500, J.Crew Store Card $6950, Amazon Store Card $1800
EQ 699 / TU 682 / EX 687 As of January 5th 2021
Credit Goals: 700+ score, mortgage ready
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