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Just had MOC ....


Just had MOC ....

Just had MOC a few min ago. It was done via telephone. As many others have indicated on here as far as their own MOC experience, it was a piece of cake for me too. The trustee had their standard general list of questions for everyone and then a few tailored for each person. I listened in for about 45 min before I was called, and out of the several cases called, only one case had a creditor that showed up. There were none for me also. Looking back on things thus far, I would say the best thing you can do is get a respectable attorney (mine has a good rapport with my trustee) and have your paperwork perfect. Then you're just another number called, that doesn't stick out, and you're quickly questioned and released to go.

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Re: Just had MOC ....


I'm happy for you that the MOC is now in the rearview mirror! Now you can work on your plan to rebuild while you await your discharge!

Nice! Smiley Wink

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Re: Just had MOC ....

Congrats on your successful MOC!  I agree about the good attorney.  I'm working on paying my retainer this Friday and the paralegal alone has been awesome working with me to prepare the case.  Good people make this much less stressful than I imagined it would be.  

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Re: Just had MOC ....

The MOC I think people worry about the most and it's the quickest process. I agree with a good attorney, I am just glad I could file without paying his fee upfront. Now you just have to wait for discharge! Hopefully in about 61 days you get it. I am on day 35 of 61

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Discharged 6/30

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Re: Just had MOC ....

Congrats! I always like to say it takes longer to get a Big Mac in the drive-thru than the MOC. Smiley Very Happy Bring on the DC!!!!!!!!!!

Homeowner since Sept 2020. My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag. Just sharing my experiences after BK from learning here from rebuild to recovery from the @ 540's.
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Re: Just had MOC ....

When you say the trustee asked you a few tailored questions ..did they ask like ....why couldn't you  pay your debt? Or can you afford to pay certain debt if the amount was lowered.... Like what kind of tailored questions are asked..

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Re: Just had MOC ....

Okay, so they had a set of general questions that they asked everybody. Have you filed for bankruptcy within the past 'x' amount of years? Do you own any collectibles or firearms? Have you made any transfers to family/friends within the past months/year? That kind of thing. And then (I presume by the information the trustee learns about your situation by looking at statements, filing info provided by you on the paperwork) they ask you a few specific questions about your case. For me, I had to file as a 2 person household (I live with my girlfriend) but I was the only one filing bankruptcy. She has her own loans, obligations, etc that I'm not involved with. However, she gives me about $1,000 month for her share of the household expenses (rent, utilities, food, etc). That's cash that hits my account every month and then leaves shortly thereafter because it just goes towards the household bills. I still had to declare it on my bankruptcy paperwork though. I was very transparent about the situation and my attorney filed things perfectly on that matter so that it was never an issue for the trustee. 


Somebody else on the line got grilled about their case as to why $3,500 went missing from their account just before they filed. It was their tax refund. They gave all the money to their (adult) kids I guess. The trustee asked them why they answered 'no' when he asked the general question he asked everybody previously - did you make any transfers to family/friends? Then the person admitted they've sent thousands of dollars to their kids over the past several months/years. Yikes. Would not have wanted to be in that situation. Anyway, that questioning was separate to their case.... after the general questions for them, the trustee went after them for those discrepancies with their case.


I wouldn't stress too much about this. As mentioned above, 99.9% of the time it goes very smoothly! If you're truly honest about your situation and you haven't committed bankruptcy fraud - and you have a competent and organized attorney that gets your filed paperwork perfect (as any good attorney will) - you'll be just fine. I have a feeling that the party I just mentioned above didn't have an attorney.....


EDIT - The trustee is very professional. They don't get up there and say hey why did you have $1,000 on your Kohl's card. Why didn't you manage your finances better. Even creditors that may show up (and they likely won't) can't sit there and humiliate you. The one creditor that showed up for one case on the line mainly wanted to know if the debtor was working, etc.

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Re: Just had MOC ....

I was asked the standard questions as well. The 2 questions I was asked that were different'

1: Are you still working during the pandemic? Yes

2: Why have you decieded to file bankruptsy now? I have made series of bad financial decsions.. Trustee pauses.. Like what? Me with lump in my throat because I had a lot of gambling and IRS debt. I countered with I have taken high intyerest loans to pay high interest credit cards.. I paused after that..Trustee.. OK good luck to you..


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