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Just received my discharged!!!!1

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Re: Just received my discharged!!!!1

kd081708 wrote:

Thanks for the information. I didnt think to just go with the secured card versus the credit builder loan.


I have a question....What exactly should my credit report say?


I started working on them as soon as I filed so most of the accounts have already been updated to a zero balance. Some say IIB, some just have the zero balance but dont say IIB. Is it the zero balance that is important or the IIB?


Any information would be helpful....

If the account was included in your BK than it should be reporting as "iibk $0 bal" There is some instances where it will not read that way.. For example I have 2-3 accounts that were charged off prior to me filing BK and those can't be changed to show iibk. Try for some unsecured credit before going straight to secured. Focus on cleaning your reports and go read the how to get to 700 in 24 months thread, TONS of good info in there. Good luck!

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Re: Just received my discharged!!!!1

Congratulations the hardest part is over! You and I are very similar I  might add. I was discharged on 10/22/13 and watched Credit Karma throughout the whole long process. I had a zero balance dept store card I kept out of the bk 7. I literally declared on every prime lender out there. However, I closed my Capital One back in 2006. They gave me my first card at 18 and now my second chance card just 5 days after BK 7. I used their pre-approval link last night and they offered the $0 AF first year 24.9% APR $19 AF there after. FYI, I took the plunge and got a $1K credit line. I had 26 inquiries still on TU and who knows how many on the other bureaus. My credit Karma score was 662. I hope this post helps you and others who may read this! I valued my credit more than anything and it hurt to let the cards go, but I'm much better off as I'm sure all of you are or will be shortly! I'm sure that store charge reporting since '08 helped, but who knows. Good luck everyone... Smiley Happy

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Re: Just received my discharge!!!!

Congratulations to you as well!


I have not been as lucky as you with getting any credit since receiving my discharge. So I have decided to not apply for anything else until I can save about $500 and get a secured credit card. After 6 months with good payment history with that, Im hoping some more doors will open up and I can refinance my car.

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