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Kohl's Wont Recon

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Kohl's Wont Recon

Good Evening everyone, 


Been a year since my bankruptcy was doing well with few starter cards so decided to try a little app spree for July before heading into the garden. With four kids thought it would be nice to get a new kohl's account, claimed them in chapter 7. Figured since they changed from Chase to Cap One for underwriting might stand a chance. (Side note once chase took over from the store as account owner my old delinquent account doesn't even show up anymore on CR, YEAH!!!) Anyway got the old 7-10 day message at the store. Got the letter today, at a post office box I maintain not my street address I might add. Kinda pissed as all the reasons except bankruptcy on the letter made no sense, i.e. no installment accounts Have two large student loans paid on time, never late never defaulted. Available credit too low, I have less than 7% utilization. So I called for a recon and to find out the "true" reason for denial.


Was told  Kohl's do not recon, so strike that idea. Was passed to a nice supervisor that tried to shed light on the strange letter to little avail. Asked if there was a CRA listed I said yes, she said might contact them, read the letter to her  where it states the agency below played no part in denial and cannot offer any information. Stumped, her. Told me they rely in information in the reports when you apply so couldn't tell me a good time to wait before retrying. Bummed I didn't get it for the discounts but can still use my Cap one MC...LOL

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