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Last ch 13 pmt in December...Questions

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Last ch 13 pmt in December...Questions

I am so glad to have found these boards. My husband and I are making our last ch 13 payment in December. I think we finally have our life back on track. I started a new job as a temp, busted my butt and now I have been hired and have been there almost two years. It is the highest paying job I have ever had and I feel very lucky to have it. If I had it 5 years ago we wouldn't have had these problems. I actually have started a savings and also put 11% in 401k. What are our best options for rebuilding our credit? We are looking to move in about 2 years and buy a house we can fix up ourselves. We have a mortgage now and do pay it on time. Well we might have been late once in the first year of ch 13 when I was trying to find a job. Any information would greatly be appreciated. I feel like I have a second chance at life and I won't screw it up again. One thing that it has done, it has made us really think about our future and where we want to be. My son is 17 and he has learned from our experience and looking forward to when he can start building and keep his credit good. Life in general is so much happier in our household and it feels great. Sorry for rambling so much.
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Re: Last ch 13 pmt in December...Questions

Hi Wintersnow,
Welcome to forums! Smiley Happy
It sounds like you guys are just about in the same position that I am.
I just made my last payment on my plan last month and am now waiting (patiently) for my discharge papers to arrive.
Firs thing I would do (if you haven't already) is pull you credit reports for you and DH and make sure they are correct. I have several accounts that aren't reported correctly for being IIB. I have been working on mine and it takes a little bit of time to get them all in sync.
Once you have that done, then you can start looking at your overall picture of balance of different credit. Sounds like you have the mortgage part down (Maybe try a GW letter for the one late you had), so now you should look into the CC's.
Once you have been discharged, know you scores, and make sure all info is correct on credit reports then you can start finding the right cards to start to rebuild credit for those. Check out the CC forum and the sticky for BK friendly cards.

Congrats on making to the end of you repayment plan!! You are one of the few people who actually complete a plan!! Smiley Happy Keep up the good work and post back any questions, successes, or just a woohoo message to let everyone know how its going!


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p.s. myfico scores are the only real ficos available, but other sites like TC are good for monitoring (just not the scores).

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Re: Last ch 13 pmt in December...Questions

When you do get ready to rehab a house for yourselves be sure and have some general contractors in to bid on the work-even if you plan to do it yourselves. They will find extra jobs that even home inspectors usually miss. Knowing what has to be done will help you lower the purchase price.I rehab houses full time and I still miss things when I buy them.
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