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Late payments on accounts included in ch 7

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Late payments on accounts included in ch 7

It's been almost 3 years since chapter 7 was discharged. I have perfect payment history on accounts I've opened since. However in my credit summaries at the top of reports it always says I have several lates and several unsatisfactory or negative  accounts. These are all accounts that were included in bankruptcy. They're correctly listed as closed and included in bankruptcy. However, is this affecting my scores?  Should I dispute these accounts or try to get the lates or accounts removed?  Besides my high utilization right now (working on getting it down to 30% ASAP), and chapter 7 everything is excellent. But scores are in 500's 😩. Any help is appreciated!!!

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Re: Late payments on accounts included in ch 7

This comes up just about every week. Check the dates. No negative info can be placed on your reports after the file date. Before the file date its open house. Even if they did remove the lates. The BK still over-rules in the neg catagory. And the accounts included in BK are a neg. Hope that helps.

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