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Late payments on old student loans before consolidated

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Late payments on old student loans before consolidated

Hi everyone,


I filed bankruptcy April 29th and awaiting my discharge July 29th. Since then I have been watching my credit reports closely. I consolidated my school loans in October 2017 after not paying Department of education/Nelnet for 3 years after I graduated May 2014. So I have been paying monthly and on-time to my consolidated loan since then. However, I see on my report Department of Education/Nelnet and Department of Education with Closed accounts but with LATE payments. Is there anything I can do? I called Department of Education and they said it should say Closed and paid in full. But these are showing up as LATE payments. Will it stay that way or should I try to get the LATE payments removed? Any advice or anyone with this experience?



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Re: Late payments on old student loans before consolidated

Late payments stay, even after bk. If you search "late student loans" on the forum, you will see that the lates remain, but they "may" fall off after the normal exclusion period of 7- 7.5 years if the loans have been paid in full.

Student loans are very confusing when it comes to late payments and how long they report. I also have Nelnet, and they will not remove the lates (although some have had success removing them early by asking).
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Re: Late payments on old student loans before consolidated

Hi, I actually recently posted an article in the student loan board about this topic. It contains a link to an article that answers it in detail.

The answer to your question appears to be 7 years. The accounts may not get removed because federal loans are different, but the lates will fall off in 7 years.
I'm open to there possibly that I'm misunderstanding it and would like clarification. Always something new to learn about student loans....

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Re: Late payments on old student loans before consolidated

When were your lates exactly?

If you were actually late before consolidating, then they are reporting correctly, and will follow the DOFD rule, which is 7 yrs. Those lates will then fall off at that time.


Just to were late, NOT in forbarence right?

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