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Leary about applying for Credit Card 6 months post chapter 7

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Leary about applying for Credit Card 6 months post chapter 7

Looking for a little guidance here. I'm 6 months post discharge. Had multiple cards, 2 cap ones, 2 Amex, discover, multiple citi cards, care credit, Home Depot, chase, a credit union loan etc. all together about 60k and all discharged. One card survived, a Dell credit card with 2k cl but no balance. Used it once so far after the discharge just to test it. Paid it asap. I have a car loan that I was allowed to keep as well. According to Credit Karma I have a 675 equifax and a 627 transunion. I have no blemishes other than the BK. Never late on anything. Credit Karma says I have a great chance of being approved for a Cap One Platinum. I had two cap one cards pre Chapter 7. According to Cap one's pre-approval (soft pull) tool, they have no card offers for me. I'm really interested in getting another unsecured card for credit rebuilding purposes. Any advice
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Re: Leary about applying for Credit Card 6 months post chapter 7

My BK was very similar.  Same cards and even had the Dell Preferred live through the BK.  To date the only card to approve me (besides the few SCT cards) was CreditOne.  I know you'll read some things on this forum about them but they offered me $1,500 CL(now $1,700) with no AF so I took it and haven't had any issues.  My BK was discharged in Aug 2016 and as of a few days ago CapOne is still auto denying me with out a HP so I know I'm still on the blacklist.  I joined NFCU and plan to app for one of their cards once I get to one year post discharge.

CH7 BK Discharged Aug 2016April 2018 ScoresEQ08 650TU08 636EX08 676
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