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Liable or Not ?

Epic Contributor

Re: Liable or Not ?

Penister1983 wrote:

I'm really not sure......he's such a liar ! He said he did a VOLUNTARY surrender, but its showing up as an involuntary repo. The last payment(activity) on the car was made in December 2006, which is when under bankruptcy. He did provide me with his case number and attorney information to use in a dispute. I disputed, and they completely removed it from my transunion report. Then they removed it from my equifax, and then they placed it back on with an additional $2000 balance saying that a payment of $26.81 was made in 01/2012, which is not true. I disputed again, and now they've changed the last payment back to 12/2006, and the balance portion is left blank.


A voluntary surrender is the same as an involuntary one credit wise.  And as a co-signer, under chapter 13 you are protected by the codebtor stay as long as they make the required payments.  Chapter 7 is different.  Where the person filng chapter 7 doesn't have to pay the debt, it would completely fall on you.

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