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Life after Chapter 7

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Re: Life after Chapter 7

Congrats on your new home!  And I hope your success post BK continues to be great!

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Re: Life after Chapter 7



   I have been disputing stuff on my report to get it report correctly and recently saw a drop in my TU and had a question for you. I have 3 accounts under TU that under payment status says unknown, it's closed and a $0 balance but in the remarks/comments field it says ch 7 bankruptcy. Before I did the dispute, under payment status it said ch 7 bankruptcy. Whenever I call TU they tell me it shows up as it's supposed to as closed with a $0 balance and included in bankruptcy? Is it correct that that should only show up in the remarks comments field or does it need to say that in payment status? 


Next question, I have one account on Experian that says included in bankruptcy and closed with a $0 balance and it was a utility account that was only open for one month but it shows red for every month from the month I opened the account until the month I filed for bankruptcy? Shouldn't only the month I filed bankruptcy be in red for the late payment history? I also have some accounts that show up as late but closed with a $0 balance and included in bankruptcy should that show up as late as well?


On other news, I opened a platinum card with cap1 and a quik silver card with cap one in March, just got my 3rd statement and had a $0 balance on both cards and did the CLI and jumped up to $1500 on both cards then PC'd the platinum to a quiksilver card. 


Additional information, my experian shows the bankruptcies correct under payment account status included in bankruptcy and my experian score is the highest at 636, TU is lowest at 573 and was just 590 before it changed the bankruptcy status and Equifax is 589.


Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

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