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Like Dominoes they fell! CH13 fell off all three CRA's!

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Like Dominoes they fell! CH13 fell off all three CRA's!

What a long road but still have some work to do to get back in w/AMEX and Chase.  My Ch13 fell off all three reporting agencies and I was/am in the process of refinanceing my stupid adjustable rate mortgage to a 30 yr fixed and they did a soft pull after I told them my BK's came off and I went from a 4.2% to a 3.6% refi!!!!!  I did go on a credit building card spree and should have just never touched Chase because I had no clue how many plans they share branding with.  Wasted 5 pulls :-(.   Good thing is I'm out of an adjustable, just added 4 cards to my mix topping me out at $100k limit and added my daughter on as a auth user w/a $500 limit on three of them (my oldest ones).  If I could have gotten back in w/Amex my AoA would be 30 freaking years.   Still work to do but a good day. 



OH, here's a question.  Doing a cash-out refi to pay off two loans and my truck.  Once I do that all I will have is a mortgage and credit cards (0 CC balance).  Will paying off the truck help or hurt me w/it disappearing as a different type of credit loan? 

CH13. Filed 2010, Discharged 2014, All fell off APR 2017.
Current Scores (4/30/17): 799 Transunion, 822 Equifax, 792 Experian
Re-stablished with a $500 NFCU secured loan that funded a $500 NFCU secured CC .
Current: NFCU Rewards (20K), NFCU Signature Rewards (20K), NFCU CLOC ($15k),PENFED Travel Rewards AMEX (20k), PENFED Platinum Rewards (20k), BankAmericard Travel Rewards Visa (20K), BankAmericard Alaskan Air Signature (21k), Barclaycard (15K), Discover Card iT (12K)
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Re: Like Dominoes they fell! CH13 fell off all three CRA's!

That's awesome! Congrats! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Like Dominoes they fell! CH13 fell off all three CRA's!

Congrats, Gypsy!! Wonderful news.


We just made our 60th payment and will anxiously wait for our discharge hopefully in the next couple months. Then two more years until we will be with you, seeing it drop off our credit. I want to be in a much better place financially when that happens.


I hope that you do something not-debt related to celebrate!

Filed Chapter 13 April 2012. Case successfully closed May 2017, about 1 month after 60th payment. FAKO scores on close date: TU 695 EQ 697. Received discharge July 11th - took forever! Real EX day of discharge 624.
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