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Medical debt while in ch. 13...

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Medical debt while in ch. 13...

Well im currently about to start my last year of my four year ch 13, and i had a medical emergency back in june. I had a high fever and my family doctor urged me to goto the emergency room due to a potential case of meningitis. I went to the hospital and had a 10hour stay. No treatments other than a first dose of antibiotics and a bunch of tests. Two weeks ago i finally got the bill and its around 5k after insurance. I plan to contest the bill as there are some inconsistencies in it and ive heard never to pay full price. And people usually get at least 10% off if they contest. But should i tell the hospital that im currently in a chapter 13? Or does anyone have any experience with this on what they said or did to lower their bill? There is no way i can pay anywhere near that amount at one time. So a payment plan is most likely what will happen. 


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