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Merrick Bank Offer

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Re: Merrick Bank Offer

Sorry for the denial, but thanks for the info.

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Re: Merrick Bank Offer

I got an offer in the mail, too good to pass up.  Mine was for a starting line of $1100, then double my line after 6 months, no annual fee, so I jumped on it!  I have 2 more months to go and I should have a $2200 line.  I have had no issues with Merrick at all, I always pay in full before my payment is due and haven't paid any interest.  I burned most major banks in my BK, so this is my highest line and I'm glad I got it!

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Re: Merrick Bank Offer

@xoxo_patrina wrote:

@nomadic_traveler wrote:
So good news. I got the Merrick Bank card and a Credit One. $550 and $400 respectively. And both are unsecured. I was a little surprised. I had thought I would have to go the secured route to start. I had stopped paying my CC bills about 5 to 6 months before I filed so the lates added up. Anyway just waiting for the cards. And off to the races with rebuilding.

Are your lates still showing on your report post DC?

They are only in the payment history section on Credit Karma. I havn't paid for a new credit report since my DC.  Credit Karma shows zero's for the 30/60/90.  Some of my cards are not reporting the lates at the end when I was late before I filed.  

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