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Middle district Florida experiences?

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Middle district Florida experiences?

I filed last week for chapter 7, my 341 meeting is next month. I am wondering if anyone has any experiences in the middle Florida district they can share. I am stressing because the few things I've read says that the trustees in this district are very strict? Is that true?

I have a no asset case, giving up my car that I am upside down on. My husband has a 04 suv that is paid off that we want to keep. We really dont have much else, we rent and furniture falling apart. I guess I am stressing because i am afraid something crazy might happen like will they come to my house and inspect my closets looking for assets? Or take my dog (I have a poodle but shes fixed and has no papers , I love her like my child)?

Hoping someone can give me some insight on what could happen. Thanks!
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Re: Middle district Florida experiences?

Both myself and my parents had our 341’s there on the same day last month. We had different trustees and both were very straightforward and courteous. Piece of cake really, and I was super nervous.
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Re: Middle district Florida experiences?

No worries, they wont come to your house . just bring your id and ssn card and they will ask you a few questions you will be out of there in about 5 minutes.  I was there a couple of months ago and I was a wreck, I worried over nothing .

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Re: Middle district Florida experiences?

Nothing at all to worry about. Took 3 minutes. I was his last person. The guy and his lawyer before me fudged some number on income. He ripped them a new one. He knew the attorney and said why did you bring this to me? He then told the lawyer your getting so old you'll need velcro shoes soon. I chuckled, looked at my attorney and said oops silently. He said no talking in the courtroom. But when I walked to the desk he said finally an easy case I'll get you outa here quick. Everyone in the waiting room was just like me. Quiet and nervous. No worries.

My posts are JMHO. I DO NOT claim to be a FICO expert. Just sharing my experiences from rebuild to recovery. It can be done!
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Re: Middle district Florida experiences?

Thank you! I am hoping it goes smoothly. I have 3 weeks to find out but I will update afterward in case anyone else is curious!

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Re: Middle district Florida experiences?

Middle District is a big district.  If I am not mistaken it stretches from Jacksonville to Tampa.  I filed in Central FL and had a great experience.  I was nervous just like everyone else I am sure but the trustee was respectful.  I will tell you that there were 2 cases before me that had issues in which the UST sat in on.  These people were withdrawing large amounts of cash which ultimately drained their bank accounts and couldn't account for it.  As long as you are honest and have nothing to hide I am sure it will go smoothly for you.  I filed 4/2 and received my DC on 7/9.  I honestly wish I didn't put it off as long as I did.

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Re: Middle district Florida experiences?

I don't know about Florida specifically, but


If you are being honest and thorough, you will be fine and very relieved.

If you are hiding things or lying, you could be in a world of hurt even years down the road.

They will never inspect your home unless you are living in a mansion and state you have no furniture.

Be honest and relax.


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