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Mortgage Not Showing After Discharge

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Mortgage Not Showing After Discharge

Chapter 13 has been discharged a few months now. We still have a mortgage but our reports either shows the mortgage is closed or open with a zero balance. One of the factors that the reports say is affecting our score is lack of a mortgage. I guess my question is do we ask the mortgage company to start reporting our mortgage or would that open up a lot of negative past issues? Thx

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Re: Mortgage Not Showing After Discharge

You should ask your lawyer about this to find out what the status of your home loan was during the bankruptcy.  This is only based on my experiance:


If you were behind on your mortgage and the payments were included as part of the repayment plan, then essentially your mortgage was included as part of the discharge and they cannot report on it as is even though you are making payments.  The flip side to this is that if you become behind on your mortgage payments again, they cannot come after you directly, or report it as bad debt, but they can still foreclose (but not add the foreclosure to your reports).


If you want it to report again, you may need to reaffirm the loan with them -- but make sure that is what you want because after you reaffirm, you lose the protections of the discharge and can be sued if you become behind again.  And they will sue because they know you are ineligible for another bankruptcy for a while.


Get with your lawyer bacuse like I said, this was based on my experiance years ago and it may be different based on where you live.

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Re: Mortgage Not Showing After Discharge

Which CRA? Sounds like EX, if so I have the similar issue.


However my mortgage reports on TU and EQ just fine, however on EX it is not reported at all (that is the reason between the 20+ point differences between EX, and the other CRAs). I have called and wrote both the bank and EX. Ultimately, I found out that the bank is indeed reporting the information to all the CRA's, but for reason, EX marked the account as restricted and unreportable. I have been trying to get a clear answer on why, but the written response and answers from the custome service reps are vague at best, with no real responses that are helpful to really correct the problem.

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Re: Mortgage Not Showing After Discharge

who's your lender?  


My original lender was BOA - transfered to Mr. Cooper 13 months before discharge


At time of filing my escrow was negative $300 with BOA, they filed to include this in the 13 plan, it was paid in full as a part of the 13 plan


After discharge BOA reported the mortgage sold/transfered - included in wager earner plan/chpt 13 (no information after date of filing reported)


Mr. Cooper started reporting about 60 days after discharged (back to the month immediately following discharge) without any notes about chpt 13


So I'd give your mortgage servicer a call - speak to the bankruptcy department as they'll have more knowledge on the situation than regular customer service (before Mr. Cooper was notified of my discharge my calls were always routed to the bankruptcy team, after they were notified I was routed back to regular customer service)

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