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Mortgage Reaffirm ?


Mortgage Reaffirm ?

Hi guys, 


I filed Ch.7 in 2001. It has been discharged of course. I didnt reaffirm my house. I still live in the house- Citi Mortgage had the loan when I filed Ch7. For a long time it was not on my credit. However I have been rebuilding and I keep looking at the closed account section and it shows Citi Mortgage payment history from 2008 until 9/2014 when it was transfered to another bank. My question is if it was included in Ch7 and wasnt reaffirmed - can they report history. Or can I contact the CRA and tell them this account was included in Ch7 and is not legally reportable? 


What should be my approach? 


Another bank has the mortgage and is reporting on time payments, but the old account from Citi Morgage has a lot of 30 day lates. How will this affect the new mortgage company TL if I request the removal due to bankrupcy?

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Re: Mortgage Reaffirm ?

I guess my question would be: are there any late payments in the history from 2008 to 2014?  If not, I personally would leave it alone, it can't hurt if everything was on-time.  Now, if you had some late payments in that time which are reporting as late then yes, I believe you can have them removed as the history should not technically be there.

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Re: Mortgage Reaffirm ?

I guess if it was discharged in 2001, this TL should have fallen off of your credit report by now...

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Re: Mortgage Reaffirm ?

0Redsox7, it was filed in 2001 and it has been discharged. But, there are a lot of late payments my husband was paying it just didnt think it was affecting my credit. So sad!

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Re: Mortgage Reaffirm ?

bstone, there are a lot of late payments my husband was paying and the mortgage was late all the time. He was confused about the correct date it was a struggle with him because he would say it was paid and it would be 60 days late. Bu, the new mortgage with Carrington is showing on time payments 


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Re: Mortgage Reaffirm ?

I too have a Citimortgage account and it was included in my BK Ch.7 in 2014. Because this account wasn't reaffirmed - but I never paid late as I planned to live in the home - its only showing as Closed and IIB... which does nothing for me.. but you are lucky that it got transferred because at least you are getting credit for the payments you are making.. I have to be stuck thru the rest of the loan with my CR showing no mortgage and getting no credit for all my on-time payments :/



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Re: Mortgage Reaffirm ?

OP, how long has the new mortgage co been reporting on-time payments?


You mention your husband didn't understand the due date for the payment. Were you separated at the time and he was responsible for the mortgage payments?


It is very, very unusual for the mortgage servicer to continue to report after a successful Bk discharge. Were you both in the Bk or did just your husband file?

I am asking these questions because the answers will help us help you understand your report or determine if there is an error in reporting.

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Re: Mortgage Reaffirm ?

Well SylviaGarcia

It wasn't showing on the credit At first and after the discharge they started reporting it to the credit burea apparently, because they started in 2008 reporting it. 

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Re: Mortgage Reaffirm ?

My husband and I have to maintain separate credit files since we were married.  I purchased a house in my name prior to our marriage. The chapter 7 only included my bills.  The house was included but I have caught the payments up before we went to court. I had a successful discharge I never reaffirm the house. Since the bankruptcy was discharged I had requested to Citi mortgage to grant me access to the online account so I can pay it on time.  They said since it was included in the bankruptcy and I did not allow the account they could grant me the access to it.  I have not applied for any credit the entire time that I have been discharged in bankruptcy until a month ago.  That's when I saw Citi mortgage on the report. It never dawned on me that it wasn't supposed to be reporting. Until today. Carrington mortgage bought the mortgage in November 2014. It has been paid on time since then they are reporting it as well. However it was included in the bankruptcy so I don't know how it got misconstrued but I have never received a call from the mortgage company Citibank when the mortgage was late prior to them transferring. They never called with all of the late payments rup until they transfer the mortgage they only sent paperwork informing me that the mortgage was late. 

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