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Mortgage after BK

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Mortgage after BK

hello all,


i had a question about getting a mortgage after BK.


from my understanding and from what I've read online, I can not get a home loan until 2 years post-discharge. so here is my question.


if i add my spouse to the loan application (clean record no bk on file) will they allow us to get a loan before my 2 years post-discharge or will they still make us wait?


im hoping they will let us sooner and grade it off of her credit.


we plan on buying a house in about 10 months and my bk will be 2 years discharged in about 15 months so trying to see if we can avoid those 5 extra months.

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Re: Mortgage after BK

For FHA I believe it is 2 years conventional 4 I think. Unless you don't plan on being on the loan you will have to wait the 2 years .

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Re: Mortgage after BK

**bleep**. ok thanks

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Re: Mortgage after BK

@sihmud  -  Are you BK 7 or 13?   If I recall correctly, discharged from CH7 there's a mandate you have to wait a couple years. 


I was discharged from BK13 on July 2021 and closed on a new mortgage March 2022, it didn't cause any issues to secure a mortgage loan since I had 720 middle score.  However, I couldn't get the best rates because of BK on my reports nonetheless I got the loan.  

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Re: Mortgage after BK

Conventional is 4 years from DC. Theres a reason why the mandate is there.
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