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Mortgage showing up as "IIB"

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Re: Mortgage showing up as "IIB"

True - the whole way BK is reported is just wrong is so many ways - (thank you politicians).  I certainly wish that  I had found this forum first, but I guess if I can serve as a warning for others Smiley Very Happy my life will have served it's purpose.


....I have to admit that it still gripes me to see that perfect payment history flagged as derogatory, but life and FICO is not always fair, but it's much much better when you know the rules to the game Smiley Wink (thanks everyone here)

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Re: Mortgage showing up as "IIB"

I'm not sure it's unfair to report when someone files for BK.  It's accurate.

If I apply for a credit card and am accepted, it reports even if I decide not to use it, or if I close it.

If I'm engaged, and break it off, I was still engaged.

If I put a nonrefundable deposit down for an item and decide against purchasing it, they will still retain my deposit.


In my case, I had a BK discharged after making perfect payments on it for - oh, I think a year and a half.  I didn't do anything wrong.  Something in our finance reports changed due to someone else's inappropriate actions*, and the trustee made a choice that surprised the attorneys and me - She chose to dismiss my BK.  I had to refile (cost $$) in order to complete payment plans to my creditors, and I then had two CH 13 BK's reporting.  It is what it is - and the reporting in my case is accurate.


I think it's more savvy to look forward and figure out what the best next steps are, rather than fretting about the past.  Especially if in our fretting we fail to take full responsibility for our own actions. 



*(DH had a claim filed against him for some money, and that had to be included in the original BK.  We counter-claimed with the accurate information (we also included this information in the original BK), and the bottom line was that the party owed DH several thousand dollars--which that party knew all along.  Some folks are nasty dishonest.)  Life happens.

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Re: Mortgage showing up as "IIB"

Do you have any advice for someone considering BK7 and how to do it the best it can be done? How to avoid the issues that you see in hindsight  that could have been avoided? How to minimize damage to your credit? If you reaffirm your home and keep paying, does it show up as a good payment record? I've never been late on my mortgage.

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