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My 1 Year Past Discharge..

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My 1 Year Past Discharge..

Hi Everyone!  Hope your holiday season is well.  It's now been just over 1 year past discharges and I thought I would share my journey in the past year.  Some of you will remember I had a problem with online gambling, which lead me into a Chapter 7.  I won't say it was easy, but I kicked that to the curb finally and everything changed.  It's been a year, but happy to report I have a nice rebound on the credit front.


FICO is now a 670.

Cards:  First Premier - $700

             Mission Lane - $1500

             Ollo - $2800

             Surge - $1,000


I'm hopeful to kick Surge and First Premier to the curb as they both were my rebuild cards and have fees attached.   Capital One Prequal has available cards finally, took about the whole year as I burned them.  (For like $600, was minor).

As my car lease was in the bankruptcy I didn't have any other loans to report and I got a small personal loan from Upstart to get that reporting.  

Credit cards all have a zero balance and I feel great!  Before the bankruptcy I didn't know how good my life was as it was fogged by debt and also addiction.  Both now over,  I see how good life is.   If you are considering filing, do it and don't look back!

Also an interesting story on the attorney I went with.  Shortly after my discharge it was a big story him and his wife faced charges of torturing their children for many years.  Needless to say he's in jail now and I always felt a weird vibe.  So glad he still got my case done, but if it doesn't feel right, look elsewhere on that front!


Cheers and thanks for all your help a year ago!



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Re: My 1 Year Past Discharge..

Congratulations for making a change for the better. Your journey was difficult but you are seeing the benefits - and it will only get better.

Shocking story about that attorney. Glad it didn't affect your case.  

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Re: My 1 Year Past Discharge..

Congrats. Nice job regaining your life and credit again. Stay the course!

Homeowner since Sept 2020. My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag. Just sharing my experiences after BK from learning here from rebuild to recovery from the @ 540's.
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