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My NFCU Credit Score is 311 4 months past DC


My NFCU Credit Score is 311 4 months past DC

I received the "Price you pay for credit" letter the other day and honestly, I was shocked that my internal score was as high as it is. I'm fairly sure it was in the 200's when I started. I'll try to find my original denial letter. I believe it is on there. My nRewards card has a APR on the higher side (16.24%) but that is still 8-10% lower than my other rebuild cards. I'm looking forward to lower rates in the future. Just wanted to post for comparison. 


Quick Question:


Will a they lower my APRs as my credit improves,  will I have apply for new cards later on with lower APRs? I'm a ways off, but always looking for next steps. 

Ch 7 Discharge 10/15/2018

Started 10/18: Eq Fico 9 ???, Ex Fico 9 620, Tu Fico 8 511
Current 8/3: Eq Fico 9 736, Ex Fico 9 717, Tu Fico 9 704 Fico 8 655

Cap1 Plat PC to QS 1.5k, Discover it Chrome Secured $500, NFCU GoRewards 2k (was Secured nRewards $500), Share Loan 1k (paid down to 8% due 2/2020), VentureOne 1k, NFCU CLOC 1k, OllO Optimum $800
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