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My Post-BK Rebuild Update

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Re: My Post-BK Rebuild Update

So, I chickened out and decided to go for the Amazon store card instead. I apped a few minutes ago and was approved for $1700. Having read these forums, I called and asked for more immediately and shot for the moon at $15k. They countered with $5k, which I accepted. I'm liking my little stable of cards (after I put that tiny VS card out to pasture).

CH7 BK Discharged 10/16
Oct/Nov 2016: EQ 632 TU 532 EX 573
Feb 2017: EQ 695 TU 673 EX 670
March 2017 EQ 702 TU 676 EX 673
April 2017 EX 683 (TU & EQ unknown)
May 2017 EQ 695 TU 685 EX 693
Feb 2018 EQ 704 TU 687 EX 694

9/24/20: 4 years from discharge FICO 8: EQ 751 EX 765 TU 766 FICO 9 EQ 814 EX 804 TU 821
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