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My atty just filed my BK7

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My atty just filed my BK7

This week my atty just fied my BK7. I see alot of people posting their fico scores in their signatures. Where is the best place to get a "true" score? Is it here through this site? If not here, is there a free site? Ive heard creditkarma isnt accurate. Please help. 


Also, I know Im prob about 3-4 months out from discharge (PACER shows 341 meeting on 2/8/16, and last day to oppose discharge is 4/8/16) but when will my credit score reflect my BK7, and how soon after that will score start to be on the rise?


Thank You


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Re: My atty just filed my BK7

Welcome to the forum. I wish I had found this when I first filed, but it took a few months after discharge before I finally found it.


You can get free credit reports, but they come with no score. You can get Vantage (FAKO) scores for free from places like CreditKarma and CreditSesame. Some banks will give a free FICO score, I get one from DCU for example. Some credit cards will get you a FICO (Walmart, Barclay's, Discover, and others), but you have to have the card to get the score.


The cheapest place to get a true FICO from all 3 is with CreditCheckTotal. It is $1 for a week trial, then $29.95/mo after that. However, if you cancel within the trial period, they will give you a deal for 1/2 off for at least a year.


The MyFico scores are great, because they give you more than just the FICO 8 scores, but the other major scores lenders look at as well. It is $29.95.


Good luck on your journey. Remember, it is a marathon, not a sprint. I also wouldn't mess much about scores until a few weeks after discharge. Things will be changing quite a bit in the interim while things move into your BK.

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