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My fiance's 341 meeting

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My fiance's 341 meeting

Good morning everyone!


My fiance filed for bankruptcy this past September; his 341 meeting was today. Because we figured it would be difficult for him to find parking, I dropped him off at the courthouse, and while he was inside, I drove around to find a parking spot. About 15 minutes later, I get a call on my cell phone; it's my fiance telling me that he was done!!  Smiley Surprised


He said he was the first case that was called, he was respectable to the judge (thankfully), and answered all of the questions truthfully; but what really surprised me was he said none of the creditors showed up.  Is that normal?  I thought that if they were really concerned, that they would've shown up for the meeting. 


Anyway, my fiance said that he was told that now the only thing he has to do is wait; I'm presuming that he meant to wait for the discharge papers.  We would like to know, at this point, is there anything else we should be doing; and what can we expect now that his 341 meeting is finished?

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Re: My fiance's 341 meeting

Yes, it is often that quick and simple. If you have debt but no assets and limited income, what else is the trustee to do? If they told him to wait, it for the discharge. If other stuff was an issue, he'd know from the questions. My wife and I sat through about 12 others' hearing while waiting to be called.

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Re: My fiance's 341 meeting

I was first too!
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Re: My fiance's 341 meeting

i filed ch.7 i believe my 341 took all of 8....took longer to find the room than anything else.

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