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My post BK journey and some data points...

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My post BK journey and some data points...

Hello all!

First off let me say how awesome you all are. This site has been a tremendous help in my rebuilding process and want to thank everyone who takes the time to contribute to even the most of repetitive comments or questions. Here's my journey so far...


Filed for Chap 7 BK in May, 2019. About a month or so after filing (June, 2019) I turned in my 2017 F150 and bought a used 2012 for $19k from Consumer Portfolio Services (they added 7 inquires on each of my reports for this) at a 22% int rate


My BK was discharged Aug, 2019. Had a long list of CC's that were burned: Amex, Cap One, Synchrony (lots of them), Lending Club, Affirm, and local credit union auto finance. My score at its lowest point hit 438. Ugh!


End of Aug, 2019 I opened a Credit One with a 300 cl.


In Dec, 2019 was approved for Ollo card for $1000 cl, don't remember my scores at the time, but i do know they were in the low 600's. Capital One still showed no preapproval.


In Jan, 2020 I refinanced my truck with First Investors at 13.2% using a credit karma ad to reduce my interest rate. They only ran my credit once which was nice. Also got the Target RED for $300cl.


In March, 2020 I applied for a Fingerhut and got $500cl. I honestly don't know why I did this, as I have still yet to use them.


In July, 2020 the Capital One gods finally decided to let me back in with a $300cl on a Platinum.


In September, 2020 I applied for an Avant card after going thru the preapproval. $750 Cl, but a $39 annual fee.


At this point all my scores where in the mid 600's and my overall CC uti was below 30%.


Here's where stuff really started to get interesting. So i've been on this site for quite some time, and I've already read about how people get automatic credit limit increases, but I've never gotten one. EVER! And always thought that some people just don't get them. BUT... before my BK, ALL of my CC's had balances. Like above 75% uti. Well, ladies and Gents, I finally figured out the trick... well not really trick, but the proper way of obtaining these auto cli's. I've kept most of my cards PIF every month, but have been using them. At one point, maxing out the ollo twice only to pay it off each time. Same with the cap one. So here's whats happened in the last two months...


In Nov, 2020 my Target Red got an auto cli to $500. It was my 10th statement.


In Dec, 2020 my Ollo got an auto cli to $1900! It was my 12th statement. Oh and forgot to mention that I got a $100 auto cli on this in June, 2020. My Cap One plat was upgraded to the QS, but limit stayed the same. This was done about two weeks prior to my 6th statement being cut. When that happened, got the auto cli to $1800. Refinanced my truck once again with a local credit union to a 8.3% and dropped it to 48months. My scores in Dec before the big auto cli's and refi were 644TU, 665EQ, and 630EX. My overall uti was a 28%.

Just two days ago, got the itch to try for a Capital One Walmart, but I did the prequal on the Cap One website, which had I read carefully enough didn't run for that one, BUT.... it said I was offered the Plat again, so I thought WTH... an was shocked $3000 CL! My scores as of that day were 674TU, 689EQ, and 640EX. My overall uti is at 13%.


So, if you've hung around till now, sorry for the long post, thank you. Hope this helps anyone who's been in a similar situation. I only wish I learned the uti stuff before my BK, id have 750+ scores. Live and learn I guess.


To the garden we go... I have what I always wanted... THINGS THAT GROW!!!


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Re: My post BK journey and some data points...

What great progress! It just shows with time and letting things age it gets better! Life after bankruptcy isn't all that bad!

Chapter 7 filed 2/3
Discharged 6/30

Fico 8
EQ 681 TU 671 Ex 665
Fico 4 TU 690 Fico 5 702 Fico 2 693
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Re: My post BK journey and some data points...

Excellent progress, keep doing what you're doing. It's working just fine Smiley Happy

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Re: My post BK journey and some data points...

Congrats on the great progress so far!

CH7 Filed 05.01.2020; Discharged 10.21.2020

10.22.2020 FICO8 Scores: EQ 615 TU 560 EX 581
09.21.2021 FICO8 Scores: EQ 650 TU 660 EX 656

Rebuild progress: Kohl's $700, CreditOne Rewards $700, CapitalOne QS $0AF $3,300, CapitalOne Walmart MC $3,000, PenFed PCR $3,500
Gardening until June 2022.
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