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My post-bankruptcy plan; please critique

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Re: My post-bankruptcy plan; please critique

I'm getting so impatient to start rebuilding. Ugh! Why does this take so loooong? Okay, I'm done whining for now. I have a couple of tweaks to my plan. I just mailed out a goodwill and did an online dispute for baddies, so there's nothing else to do on cleanup until I get results from those. I'm joining nfcu in late Feb or early March. Will start a savings account then and make aggressive deposits, will app for an unsecured card about Sept and will have at least $2k already in their bank in case they want me to go secured first. I plan for this to be my third card, so hopefully they will give me unsecured.

Starting Score: 11/29/12 TU 527; EQ 565; EX 564 fako - bk7 dc'd 2/15/13
Current Score: 1/22/15 TU 645; EQ 605; EX 633 New goal 675
Cap1 sec $1k (SD) / Fingerhut $2k / Flagship $12k / cashRewards $12k / NavChek $15k / Amazon $2k / Von Maur $1k / Firestone $2.2k / BCU $3k / NFL $1k / QS1 $750 / Target $400 / PPSC $800 / Conoco $700 (last app 09/29/14)
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Re: My post-bankruptcy plan; please critique

@ starry1


Do not get impatient.  These things take time.  I filed BK7 Jan 2011, Discharge Jun 2011 with a score of 560.  I also had a state tax lein and a foreclosure.  It took a full year to get my report clean and accurate.  It took 18 months to re-hab my student loans and get them straight.  It takes time to rebuild.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.


I am exactly 2 years to the week for filing BK7.  I checked myfico scores today and i sit at EQ 680 and TU is 679.  I have 4 student loans reporting good for 4 years.  I have a 20K car loan reporting for almost 1 year.  I have one CC (Cap1, 750CL) reporting for 18 months, another for 12 (Orchard, 1500 CL) and yet another (Barclays, 2K CL) reporting for 6 months.  I pay my statement every month and occasionally I pay it off before the statement cuts.  In other words, I make my payment a few days ahead of the due date.  i go on line to see the outstanding balance NOT AMOUNT DUE.  The statement closes on the statement date and reports about 5 dsys later.  My AAoA is 9 years.  My oldest is 22 years (Utility).  My CC utilization is 10~15% and NEVER have a single card go over 60% of the balance regardless of the overall utilization.


I was very frustrated and still am.  I got into this mess through no fault of my own.  All my baddies are over 4 years old.

F'08 FEB18: EQ721, EX702, TU734; Clean since BK7 D/C 6/2011
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