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My rebuild journey

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Re: My rebuild journey

Still have not seen a significant jump in any of my scores.  The self lender loan has bumped it a bit, but I keep getting collections added to reports that should have been included in Ch 7.  Considering closing myfico account, but glad I have it because I get notified so I can keep disputing these things.  Any other tips?  I'm paying everything on time, self lender account, new car payment, capital one unsecured (joint but in DH name).  Still have not heard anything from Wells Fargo on vehicle that was included and Fed Loan student loan yet.

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Re: My rebuild journey

Happy to know my post helped to motivate!! Your scores are already fantastic, great job!!
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Re: My rebuild journey


Still have our car we included in ch 7 discharged 8/1/17. I’m wondering if it’s one of the cases I’ve read about where it costs more to get the car than it’s worth to the finance company?

The other day I tried the shopping cart trick and got approved for j crew $250, Vic sec $250, Ann Taylor $250, ny &co $250. I also applied for Kohl’s and got approved for $300. I thought since I had a hard pull with that maybe I’d try a few more then garden till next year when we can hopefully apply for a first time home. I got approved for indigo, first premier and one other (can’t remember right now).

Also set my husband up with self lender loan.

We’ve only had one card hit our report so far and scores went up over 20 pts each. 624 (eq) 605 (tu) 619 (exp).

Really hoping this trend continues. Planning to garden and keep cards paid off or under recommended %.

We also paid new car loan down $5k, so $11k loan is now $6k. This hasn’t been updated on reports yet. Hoping that helps too.
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Re: My rebuild journey

You are making some massive progress! I would definitely recommend gardening like you plan to, you will probably see a big hit to AAoA. Make sure to keep using those cards so they generate a statement Smiley Happy
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