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My story rebuilt after 2 months of discharged from BK 7 !!

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My story rebuilt after 2 months of discharged from BK 7 !!

I just want to share my story after file bankruptcy !! 


05/05/2015 : talk with my attorney about got some summons from debt collector . And he told me I need to file a bankrutcy because after he check my anual credit report , there was alot of debt and collection. And I agreed to do a BK Chap 7 . Total for fee was $1800 and split to 6 payment ( $300 / months ).

08/05/2015 : went to bankruptcy court to do 341 meeting , in n out within 5 mins with some simple question . Went home after that .

09/15/2015 : discharged paper come to my mailbox. Finally discharged . Check with FICO report + creditkarma and saw my colledtion got mark : INCLUED IN BANKRUPTCY


After spend 2 days in this forums , now time for rebulilt ....


09/16 : apply with Cap1 and got denied right away . I thought maybe I burn them in my bk , around $3k5 with my Journey card. 

10/02 : went to Wells Fargo to open checking and saving account only . Because my attorney told me need to close all my checking . Done .


As of 02/10 , my EX was 502 , TU 449 , EQ 515


10/15 : now time to re-apply for Cap 1 . App for QuickSilver1 and approved for $300 , after 2 mins , apply for Plantium and approved for $300 . SHOCKED .

10/23 : apply for DISCOVER and denied , call backdoor and they told me BK on my report . 

10/24 : apply for BARCLAY and denied , call backdoor and still the same , they told me re-app after 6 months with good payment with Cap 1 .

10/27 : went to T-Mobile to open account and approved with $100 deposit.


Now , I need vehicle for go to work because my car was about got some check engine light and need alot of cash for fix . EX 520 , TU 480 , EQ 540. With this score , I'm sure will very hard to get auto loans. Went to Toyota dealer ship to buy a car I want ( total 22k out the door ) and they said approved if put down $13k  because low score and BK after do credit check. And I left a dealer , dont have $13k to put down. Google was my friend and ..... 


11/13 : apply with roadloans and get approved amount up to $17,442 with $2000 down and apr 20.42% for 72 months . God , crazy apr but I need a vehicle and plan will re-finance after 1 years, so accepted and print out blank check and some document required . At this time , I just got a new job with $3500 / month and I dont have paystub or W2 yet , so roadloans ( Santander ) said will be ok with employment letter from my boss with type , not hand written . And I got it with me .

11/15 : went to carmax to buy a Huyndai Elentra ( 2013 , 32k miles ) and agreed with the price . I gave a saleman my roadloans approved packet , after he saw 20.42 apr , he told me let's try credit app with carmax and they will help me beat the APR . So I said yes , let see what will happen .

11/15 again : After fill out and he click submit , my heart was like dancing . He show on on his computer was 7 banks responded my app . After he clicked view decision button , only 2 bank approved me was Ally Auto and Santander .

++Santander required $5000 down and same apr , I dont know why more down with them .Paystub required , checking account required and down payment

++ And this time I was shocked again , Ally approved me with only $500 down and 12.02 APR . Required only checking account ( for $500 down , can use with debit card or checkbook ) , and proof of insurance only. They didn't ask for income or anything else. So I went with Ally and left the dealer after 1 hour.


As of today , after 2 months of discharged . I got 2 credit card with Cap 1 , and 1 auto loan with Ally Auto . And my score today EQ 589 , TU 539 , EX 588 . All my collection now 0 . I havent dispute or call anything or anyone about my score or collection , just let it go and everything will back to 0. I didnt apply for any sercue card.


Will re-finance after 1 year to get low APR. Hopefully will be ok with my plan ...



Just want to share my story , and English is my second language , sorry about mistake of typing . 

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Re: My story rebuilt after 2 months of discharged from BK 7 !!

good job man, thanks for sharing...congrats

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Re: My story rebuilt after 2 months of discharged from BK 7 !!

Congrats and keep up the good work. Good luck

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Re: My story rebuilt after 2 months of discharged from BK 7 !!

Congrats! Take care of those and things will only get better from here.

Ch7 Discharge 3/15: Goal: 700 Current FICO:Equifax: 674(608) Tranunion: 664(585) Experian: 679(590)
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Re: My story rebuilt after 2 months of discharged from BK 7 !!

Sounds good! It *WILL* get better down the road for you Smiley Happy

BK7 Filed 3/15
Discharged 6/15

Starting FICO 7/5/15: EQ: 490, TU: 497, EX: 477

Current FICO 10/28/17: EQ: 697, TU: 698, EX: 706

Cards since BK:

Merrick Visa: Opened 8/15, Closed 8/16, SL: $600, Current CL: $1,200

Barclay Rewards: Opened 9/15, SL: $1,500, Current CL: $6,500

Discover IT: Opened 11/15, SL: $1,500, Current CL: $3,000

AmEx Blue Cash Everyday (Authorized User): Opened 1/16, SL: $2,000, Current CL: $12,000

CapitalOne Quicksliver: Opened 4/16, SL $3,000, Current CL: $6,500

CitiMortgage: 12/17
Sears Citi Mastercard: SL $5,000 12/17
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Re: My story rebuilt after 2 months of discharged from BK 7 !!

Thanks for sharing.  I was discharged in 9/15 from CH13.   I got a Cap 1 quicksilver right away and two months later I got a Cap 1 Platinum and Venture 1.  I am looking to build some better scores and purchase a car in April-June time frame so I hope to have some success with auto loans then.  I appreciate hearing your experience with Carmax and Roadloans.  

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